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Spring Boat Start-up

Winter 2013-2014 has been one for the books. Record snowfalls and temperatures have been recorded on multiple occasions. But, the boat shows have started, which means that hopefully spring is right around the corner. With that being said, spring boat launch is moving from the back of your mind to the forefront. So, here are some things that you need to be thinking of:

A: If it was serviced by anyone other that DSL Marine Transport & Services, you may want to have us inspect the boat prior to Spring launch. We will make sure that years winterization did not meet with any problems due to extreme cold weather. We will also test your battery to ensure that it will last you through the summer boating months.
A: If DSL Marine Transport & Services performed the winterization on your boat, all you have to do is pull the battery out & charge it. Once you replace the battery and install your hull plug (if necessary) you should be ready to launch your boat. If someone else did the winterization, they may have left hoses disconnected, or other things not replaced. Typically these are to “intimidate you” so that you will need to return the boat for the “spring start-up”, and incur a bill for that “service” in the process. We however, do not subscribe to that process.
A: Here at DSL Marine Transport & Services, we only use the “blue” -100°.
A: Some people use the -50° “pink” anti-freeze. They use it because for the most part, it is cheaper for them to use. However, if there was any water left in the engine block or manifolds, it will dilute the “pink” anti-freeze down. It is unknown if the diluted solution will properly protect the necessary engine parts. Also, the “pink” anti-freeze will start a crystallization process much earlier than the -100° “blue” anti-freeze. We are not willing to chance any problems that may arise from using the “pink” anti-freeze.
A: In most cases yes. The average life of a marine battery is about 3-4 years. With today’s battery technology, it is only getting longer. Your battery should have been put away with a full charge, and disconnected. If not, your battery could possibly freeze and burst. With a full charge, it should make it through the winter. You can bring your battery into us, and have it tested. Before doing so, make sure that you have charged it up fully. We can then test it to make sure that it will make it through the summer boating season. We are also a certified dealer for Interstate Marine Batteries. We stock all boat batteries during the summer boating season. That includes jet ski batteries, and electric boat 6v batteries.
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