Marine Carpet Replacement

DSL Marine Transport & Services uses only the finest marine grade carpet for Marine Carpet Replacement. Our carpets come in a wide variety of thickness, color, width and patterns. When we replace your carpet, we use specialized glue to adhere the new carpet to your decking. Depending on the application or type of vessel, it may be necessary to replace your decking prior to installing your new carpet.

Our marine carpets come with a very durable, water-proof rubber backing. Also, rubber backed marine carpet can be used not only for boats but for any Marine Carpet Replacement application that requires durable, weather proof outdoor carpet including boats, docks, patios, cars, airplanes, garages, etc. Our marine carpet is not only more durable than standard indoor/outdoor carpet but it feels more comfortable and will outlast standard indoor/outdoor carpet. Most indoor/outdoor carpet found at big box retailer is 12oz outdoor carpeting. The type of rubber backing used in this type of carpet is very thin and the amount of yarn or carpet fiber is minimal compared to even our least expensive marine carpet.


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