Pontoon Re-Deck

Are you looking for a pontoon re-deck solution? When you choose DSL Marine to re-deck your pontoon boat, you have chosen a company that uses only the finest materials available. And, we don’t take any shortcuts in our pontoon re-deck process.

We start by stripping the old carpet and wood off the boat, all the way down to its metal frame. After cleaning up any imperfections on the frame, we then begin the process of installing the new deck.

It starts with new, one side primed ¾ ” MDO boards. These are screwed or bolted to the frame with special screws or elevator bolts, depending on the boat brand. Between each sheet of wood, we apply a thick bead of 3M 5200 adhesive. This special adhesive is made for marine use. It not only adheres the two sheets of wood together, but it provides a waterproof barrier so water can’t get between the sheets of wood. The adhesive also is flexible. That means it will conform to the boats movement. It stays flexible, and won’t become brittle and crack, allowing water between the boards onto the carpet above.


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